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Friday, December 31, 2010

out with the old and in with the new!


this means that everything will be new!!! DETERMINATION, DREAMS, HOPES, MEMOREIS, n many more...

wish all of us a happy new year n hope that this year will be better than last year...

Monday, December 27, 2010

ATTACHED myself 2 the hospital.......

hello everyone~~
on this weeks post, im gonna talk about what i did on the 20th to the 22nd this month(its december)..^_^

wanna guess what i did? hint....check out my facebook status....duh!!! haha

juz kidding....actually i went to a hospital attachment at hospital sutanah bahiyyah alor setar...i done it with bella

a.k.a bellon (hehehe) for that 3 days

on the first day, we were sent to the pediatric department and the ICU ward

i) pediatric department
what happened there? - first off, we thought that we were going to be interviewed by the head of the department whos
also a DATO' in titlled...(gulp) so me n bella prepare ourselves to speak in english...after waiting like 10 mins in front
of her office, there were doctors surrounding her (probabbly busy) then suddenly, the nurse said to us, we have to go to
the ward...(what the....?) then i said in my head....(that's it??? no interview? no motivational speaches to encourage us
to be doctors??) huh,,,well, in the end, we went to the ward on the 5th floor, the waited for the speciallist... when he
came,(a male doctor this time) he was surrounded by housemen doctors. when we tried to approach him, i tried to ask some
question,..wanna know what he said? "the best thing to learn is to open your eyes" n bella didn't know what to say.
so we juz watch what he did. then, right before we wanna left the pediatric ward, we went to a room where the doctors are
taking a baby's was a bit of a struggle but it went okey...

ii) ICU department
next, we went to the ICU...wo~~~ sounds fun!!! and it is!!! it was fantastic...we went there, and we were accompanied
by 2 doctors...(forgot their names) LOL....there, they had explained to us from A to Z about what's going on in the
ICU....that is a cool experience...hehe
i learned a lot there, like how there are different tubes do different things, the readings on the monitor, i also got to
learn how to read it too... lastly, what makes me wont forget in going to the ICU is that i saw someonw DIED in front of my
eyes~!!!! it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo un forgetful~~~!!! i dunnno what to feel...sad or happy...hahah, inthe end, i
juz laught....:D

on the next day, we went to the OT n the emergency department

i) entering OT (operating theater)
this is what im talking about...haha, for the first time, i went to the OT...yeah!!!! well, before that, we need to
change our clothes, that had been sterilised....then, we went to see the Dr Raja, she reminded me of Pn Jarini in
KMB,,,haha...the we look around the OT, seeing many surgery that is going on there...she tought us many things as well as
gave us some motivational quotes to us...hehehe
i learned that being a doctor, is not about the luxurios life, and that the doctors' services is not equals to the reward
that they got in return..Dr. Raja said, we have to be IKHLAS in being a doctor which is to help people in need

ii) emergency department
in this department, we juz take a look around the emergency department...the head of department showed us around, and
explained to us what is that colour zone's function...

on the last day we went to the forensic department n the professional clinic

i) forensic department
wooo~~~ one of the most wanted places that i wanted to enter...:D there, we were accompanied by a doctor(duh...) and he
showed us the hosptal, there are 12 refrigerator in total fot storing the dead bodies...and all of it are

ii) next is the professional clinic
nothing mich to say, we walked around the department, accompanied by the assistant MO. then, we watched the MOs put a
cast on a slighty aged lady who had jusr broken her arm...the sight gave me a slight trauma on my left leg which has been
broken...hahah, but, i managed to pull myself together and watch the procedure...
at's all for thus week...:D bye2

Thursday, December 23, 2010

the JOURNEY that changed my LIFE 3 :D

on the day of the 6th december the SOS team and some other KMBians including me went to a journey where it had changed the most of us espessially me... is called...

THE Journey OF LiFE 3~~~

this trip was happening from 6 to 11 december 2010. i personally volunteered myself to join this becouse i want to fill up my holidays with many meaningful experiences.hehe

on the 6 and 7 december, we stayed at IIUM for the preparations..on the first meeting, there was an ice breaking slot for us to get to know the members of JASA. the activity was so fun and it is very interactive. the mastermind of that slot is BRO ALI who is also the advisor for the project. oh, forgot to mention, i was assigned as the preperation & technician biro(dont know how to spell it excactlly)....

on the 8th was th departure to the place called Kg org Asli Pulau Indah.
after ariving there, a lot have to be done, the prep n tech team was assigned to set up the place where the catering team will be cooking our meals...the job was phisically exhausting but to me i have learned new things like hot to handle a parang(never use one before) n also i got the chance to apply my knowledge of rope tieing from the JPAM...

later that night was a session with the head of the village called the TOK BATIN...

well, i dont want to tell all that's happened as it wont be enough and you might be bored to read ALL of it...hahaha

let's get to the point :


going to this journey to pulau indah had made me feel more closer to Allah as it is based on Dakwah as its main objective. i had also involve myself in many events like teaching the vilagers' children some cool n interactive aerobic-like movement like the "Xi Shua Shua" the "Algorithm March" and more...

furthermore, i also learned to nit the orang asli style...^_^

i also got the chance to slaughter a chicken for the very first time...^_^
sadly i got no picture of me with my slaughtered chicken...:(

lastly i also got myself an adopted family...hehehe
they are a great family and eventhough i only knew them for a short time, the treat me like i'm a part of their family too...sobs3

finally, on the 11th, it was time for our departure home...everyone was happy that time because of the great time we had. but at the same time, it was also the saddest time that i had experienced,,i almost cried during the departure time because everyone was going to miss each other and the activities that we had been through...

well, that's all i had to say...but there is so much more that i wanted to say but that would be like a novel then not a blog...hahaha

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Whole SEM 1 n Only 1 POST!!!! :D

hey, sorry for not being too updated lately...(more like too lately)
anyways, this is what i've been doing when i was gone...

a. orientation day

b. CAS

c. PROSTAR Project at KM KULIM

d. MPAC performance at KPM Bandar Penawar


f. RAYA at KMB





that's all :D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

long time no draw...hah3

Thursday, May 20, 2010

dh lme x post....:D


halo suma! lme ak x post kat blog nie, asanya dh 2 minggu kot..huhu
bukan bz ke ap, tp xde idea la nk tulis...

tp kali nie paksa diri gak untuk tulis hahaha

hmmm, weee, ari nie bru jer pegi buat lesen P...hoho, alhamdulillah, dah bley drive secara halal dah....

em nampaknya mara kuar 21 hb nie...huhuhu, mntak2 la dpt,,

sebenarnya xtulis blig sebab tengag pikir pasal tu r...hahaha

k tu je...(still xde idea utk tulis ap2....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

it's mother's day!!!!


wohoo!!! telah tibe masanye lagi hari yang paling disukai ibu2 sekalian di seluruh dunia...hah3(well, untuk sape2 yang berada di negara yang aman la...)*sigh*(kesian lak, teringat kat warga2 yang tengah struggle untuk idup di Afrika dan sebagainya,,huhu)

anyways, hari ibu ialah hari di mana kita akan melayan ibu kita seolah-olah dia adalah raja buat hari itu..(tapi takkan sehari itu jer kot yang nak ikut arahan mak???hah3, setiap hari pon kena ikut arahan mak jugak supaya kite tan jadi akan derhaka...)

so, apakan yang selalu dibuat oleh anak2 dan suami kepada ibu2? adakan mereka bagi sebuah mahkota kepada ibu mereka? atau pon, bagi kat mereka sebuah kereta yang baru? hah3...ini pendapat saye tentang beberapa tips untuk membuat hari ibu hari yang istimewa untuk mereka...

tips 1: Breakfast in Bed
hah3, ini yang paling klasik, "breakfast in bed"...penah dengar tu? hah3, yang ini paling popular kerana sering dilakukan oleh semua orang...(asanya xpayah terang kot bnde ni..paham2 sendiri la ek???)

tips 2: A Speacial Gift
hehe, yang ni paling simple tapi paling berharga buat ibu kita...kita boleh bagi kepada ibu kite apa2 benda yang berharga ataupon, benda2 yang boleh membuatkan ibu kite teringatkan apabila dia melihat hadiah tersebut. contohnya, tudung saji,hah3, walaupon barabg ni x seberapa berharga, tetapi barabg ni selalu digunakan betul tak? apabila barang seperti ini digunakan maka ibu kita secara spontan teringat kat pemberi hadiah ni.(kiut3)

tips 3: let the others do all the work
hehe, pada hari ibu, kita kena anggap ibu kita ni raja, jadi dia boleh rehat speanjang hari itu, jadi, kita ni sebagai anak2 cuba membuat kerja2 rumah yang ibu kita buat selalu...(ni untuk sape2 yang tak penah tolong mak diorang la...haha)(=.=")

hah3, well, itu jer yang saya nak katakan sempena hari ibu ini....ingatlah, "syurga terletak di bawah telapak kaki ibu kita"...

heh3... chow dlu,,,
me with my beloved mother

Thursday, May 6, 2010

...A Cute Love Story...

girl: am i preety?
boy : no...
girl: do you want to live with me?
boy : no...
girl: will you cry if i leave you?
boy : no...

then the girl cried after hearing what the boy replied...

then the boy got closser to her and said

"you are not preety but preetiest...
i dont want to live with you, but i want to live for you...
and if you left me, i wont cry, but i would die..."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

kena langgar bas....

ala, tu tajuk jer la, xda kena mengena pon dengan reaaliti...hah3
tapi memang betul pon...

semalam, ketika aku menonton cerita cina d tv 3, tengah khusyuk tengok, then,,,,
adoi! sakit laaa...inspirasi melanggar minda aku,,,hohoho, rasanya macam dilanggar bas..huhu, tapi bukan la sakit sangat, just brain storming yang mencapai tahap yang mengilukan,,,hah3

so, tanpa melengah masa supaya inspirasi tu lari dari otakku, aku terus amik pensel dan buku skecth aku untuk lukis la...

conteng2 sana...conteng2 sini...line2 sana....line2 sini...

Friday, April 30, 2010

what an amazing day!!!!


today was a fairy, oops...hehe, silap intro lak....=P
haha, today was a great day!!!!(haha, bru btol!!!0

arini memang bez buat aku. kenapa??? yang nak cerita ni...jeng3

perkara yang bes nombor 1:
aku pergi ke latihan keta macam besa, abih jer 2 jam berlatih, pak cik tu suh trus bt QTI....(what the fish????)..hah3,,agak terkejut r dgr cam 2, padahal x cukup pon 10 jam pon x dah abih,,,kui3...
xpe r, so aku pon wat QTI tue,,,n,,,jeng3,,aku PASS!!!!!

perkara bes nombor 2:
pegi sembahyang Jumaat di masjid kat kampong,,,sblum azan tu, jumpa dengan kawan lama d skola rendah....yay!!!hah3...habes semayang jmpe ag ramai kawan2 lme...weeee!!!

perkara bes nombor 3:
haha,,ni paling bes, sebelom balek rumah, aku pegi kedai cina untuk, aku pon tulis nombor aku d buku topap dia rm30...hah3
x lame kemudian, msok la duit, sku tinggalkan kedai tu la...
dah ada dalam keta, n dah sampay ke mana entah, tbe2 msok ag 30...(????)
wow...rezeki trun dri langit la....hik3, nk p blek dh ad d aloq staq dh,,,hah3...bior jela...:P
well, dat's all for today!!!
today was a, silap lagi...
today was a great day...ahahaha.,,,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

minggu yg mmbosankan....=.="


minggu ni sgt mmbosankan start dri ari sabtu smpai la khmis....huk3
emm, otakku kekosongan minggu ni sampai xde idea nk tulis ataupun lukis..kih3...
ada jugak la ari selasa aritu paip sinki rumah pecah..hah3,,seb baik sempat detect di mana tempat pecah tu,kalo x nahas la nanti jadi lebih teruk...malam tu jgak paip dibaiki oleh jiran yg ada pengalaman dalam plumbing,,,,
ari rabu asanya paling booooooosan,,hah3,,sebab dik sorang2 di rumah sampay petang...xtaw nak apa dowh,,,!!!...
anyways, setakat tu jer post kali nie,,,mseh xde lukisan yg sye nak post sebab xde idea..hah3...\

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oh mataku....!!!

Ada apa dengan mata?

Untuk jadi hebat, kita perlu menutup dan menundukkan pandangan. Ini bukanlah bermaksud semuanya kena pejamkan mata 24 jam (penat juga tu), atau membina dinding dan tembok batu sepanjang masa atau semasa kuliah-kuliah agama sahaja, tetapi menjaga dan memelihara kedua mata kita daripada MENJADI LIAR.

Apabila datangnya peluang terbentang di hadapan kita, samada semasa sedang berseorangan, atau sedang berdua bersama rakan karib, atau bersama masyarakat umum, kita mestilah bertindak SEGERA dan PINTAR untuk tidak mengamati kecantikan wanita yang terbentang dan segeralah mengalihkan pandangan daripadanya sambil bersyukur dan beristighfar.

''Alhamdulillah, Allah jaga mata dan hati aku. Ya Allah, ampunlah dosa aku, moga Allah beri yang lebih baik''

Allah berfirman;

"Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang takut kepada Tuhannya Yang tidak nampak oleh mereka, mereka akan memperoleh ampunan dan pahala yang besar." - [67:12]

Kalau dahulu dia tidak bertudung, atau kurang menutup aurat, perlukah kita menatap gamabr gambar 'lama' itu lagi? Fear Allah brothers... malulah sebab mereka itu sudah diberikan hidayahnya.. Kita bila lagi?

Kalau ternampak kelibat wanita yang berjilbab dan menutup aurat samada di majlis ilmu atau di jalanan, malulah dan pandanglah tempat lain. Itu bukan HAQ mu.. Allah boleh ganti dengan yang lebih baik.

Kalau diberikan peluang melihat aurat wanita, takut dan malulah, kerana itu akan merendahkan darjat matamu dan merosakkan amal, sekaligus hati menjadi lali dan tidak tenteram.

Friday, April 23, 2010

buat yang teristimewa....

Andai kau tiada,
Pasti hidupku tak sempurna,
Walau egoku cuba dipertahankan,
namun tak mampu ku lawan Aku harus mengaku,
Aku takkan hidup tanpamu wanita.

Hadirmu membawa sejuta erti,
Buat manusia bergelar lelaki.


Adam mengakui,
Keindahan syurga tiada seri,
Tanpa kehadiran seorang isteri,
Dan keranamu Hawa,
Aku bernafas di atas dunia.

Bermula dari kehidupan di syurga,
Kau buat diriku merasa bahagia,
Tak sanggup ku berpisah dengannya,
Walau untuk hidup di dunia.

Biarlah mataku buta,
Daripada melihat akan kehilangannya,
Andai aku kejam padamu,
Maafkanlah aku,
Aku tak sanggup menyakitimu.

Namun harus ku tahu,
Aku tak mahu bertemankan nafsu,
Lantas kau menjadi mangsaku.

Sesaat aku terkaku,
Lantas ku sedar akan kedudukanku,
Yang tak pantas buatmu,
Harus aku membimbingmu,
Agar dapat ku angkat darjatmu.

Namun aku masih belum mampu,
Menjadi yang terbaik buatmu wanita.

Andai aku melindungimu,
Maka terpeliharalah hidupmu.

Sekiranya aku memperjudikan dirimu,
Nescaya celakalah duniamu.

Kau punya hati nurani,
Yang tak mampu ku bohongi,
Mahumu hanya pada cinta,
Yang takkan membuatmu binasa.

Janganlah kau dikaburi cinta,
Dari sang lelaki durjana,
Ku tuliskan isi hati,
Dari nurani sang lelaki.

Dan aku,
Aku akan berjanji,
Akan memimpinmu di suatu hari,
Menemui cinta hakiki,
Percayalah pada diri,
Kerana kau teristimewa di hati ini.

Siapalah aku seorang lelaki,
Tanpa kau di dunia ini.

oleh : Shariff Dol
editor : doraemong13

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

meeting old friends...:)


kali nie sye nk cite ttg ap d tlh sye lalui ari isnin aritu,,,

emmm, okie stat...
0930: hak3, bru bngun n mndi2
0945: brtolak dri umah d as...(pdhal kne kmpul kul 10 pg d smkaa)
1030: yey, dh smpai!! jmpe dgn raja dlu...(raja ahmad kamil)...
1035: kwn2 yg len dtg...yay!!! farid, pjun, badri, rusydi, asqolani, nabil!!!(miz u all)
1045: bt prepararion,,,ssun meja utk jmuan ptg nie,,,
1230:fuh, pnt gler ssun2 meja n kms2 dewan....

<<<<<< REHAT!!! !>>>>>>

1400: mandi2 utk jmuan nnt
1430: siap2,,,pkai bju elo2, kui3, seb bek badri bg deoderent dia,,,hak3, lpe nk bwk dri rmah....:P
1500: mle keje(ad ag keje), amik kehadiran ttamu VIP...
1600: fuh, xde org nk mai dh kowt, jom makan!!!
<<< sembang2 dgn pjun(BFF time fom 2 smpy fom 3),,,sdey gler dua org ag x mai, kalo x, ckup la geng2 sye yg lme dlu...:) >>>>>

1700: alaaaaa, mak dh dtg,,,,well, bye2 my frenz, it was fun seeing u guyz, i hope we'll meet again sometimes,,,:D

Monday, April 19, 2010

indahnya menjadi pendiam.....

Diam orang mukmin itu ibadah,
Ibadah tanpa perbuatan,

Ibadah rasa,
Ibadah ini tidak meletihkan,
Kadang-kadang ibadah ini lebih baik daripada ibadah sunat,
Yang hatinya didalam kelalaian,
Macamana orang mukmin itu diamnya menjadi ibadah?

Kadang-kadang memikirkan dosanya,
Kadang-kadang memikirkan apa kebaikan yang nak dibuat,
Kadang-kadang memikirkan nak menolong kawan,
Kadang-kadang dia terasa kebesaran Tuhan,
Atau dia meniatkan, dia diam itu,
Tidak mahu bercakap yang bukan-bukan,
Kadang-kadang dia diam itu, kalau dia bercakap,
Takut dia melakukan kesalahan,
Seperti dia mengumpat atau,

Kalau dia bercakap, takut-takut menyakiti hati orang,
Atau dia diam itu, menghormati percakapan orang,
Mungkin orang itu bercakap baik dapat pengajaran,
Atau dia hendak mengenal orang yang bercakap itu,
Baik atau jahat,
Dia biarkan saja orang itu bercakap,
Dan mendengar sahaja,
Kerana nak mengenal orang itu,

Kadang-kadang dia diam itu memikirkan dosa-dosa yang lalu,
Ataupun kecuaian dan kelalaian,
Yang telah dibuat, supaya dia bertaubat,
Ataupun mengingatkan ilmu pengetahuan,
Ataupun pengetahuan yang dilupakan datang semula ingatan,

Itulah yang dikatakan oleh pepatah Melayu,

"Diam-diam ubi berisi"
"Diam-diam tong kosong"
Atau "diam-diam tong penuh berisi kekotoran" .

Abou Hurayrah relates that Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent. And whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should show hospitality to his neighbor. And whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should show hospitality to his guest."� [Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Al Muslim]

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Indeed a servant will speak a word pleasing to Allah that he thinks to be insignificant, but because of it Allah raises him by many degrees. And indeed a servant will speak a word displeasing to Allah that he thinks to be insignificant, but because of it, He will consign him to the Hellfire."� [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Saturday, April 17, 2010

my first music in my blog!!!!

wohoooo! akhrny, sye dh bleh ltakkn lagu2 fev kt blog ni...hak3
ssh payah pnyer cri, n bnyk gler problem dgn connection, las kali, alhmdulillah, dh berjaya!!!!:D

hak3, kbnykn lgu d dlm ni lgu jwg sket, huk3....:P
tp ad gak lgu2 yg rncaak cam MCR, dll....

weelll, that's all for now....
keep in touching, and takin caring....

for my lady....

Ingin kuluahkan
Apa yang sudah lama ingin kuluahkan
Tentang kebimbangan hati ku ini
Takkala melihat bunga-bunga berguguran
Dipetik tangan-tangan yang ganas
Lagi bernafsu serakah

Kebimbangan ku ini masih menebal
Apabila kudengar
Dengungan kumbang perosak
Yang cuba menyedut madumu
Walaupon tanpa relamu

Kebimbangan ku bertambah lagi
Bila ku melihat bunga
Yang tak segan silu
Melempiaskan kecantikannya
Ketika sedang mekar
Melupakan kuntuman yang sebelum ini melindunginya

Aku masih terpinga-pinga
Masih wujud lagikah ratu idaman hatiku??
Kerana apa yang aku lihat hari ini
Semakin banyak bunga-bunga gugur
Bagaikan tibanya musim luruh

Bukanlah ku harap kau segigih siti hawa
Yang berlari-lari antara safar dan marwa
Bukan juga sesetia ainul mardiyah
Menanti kekasih di pintu syurga

Akuilah hakikat yang tersurat
Engkaulah bukan Siti Khadijah
Mahupun Siti Fatimah
Engkau bukan A'ishah
Bukan juga Rabi'atul Adawiyah
Wanita suci terpuji
Kerana aku tidak layak berharap sedemikian rupa..
Cukuplah sekadar kau mencontohi
Bunga-bunga itu
Kembang mekar mewangi
Sehingga harumannya
Melewati pintu-pintu syurga
Jangan kau risau ratuku
Kadangkala musim berganti
Sehingga bunga tak dapat berkembang mekar
Tapi itu hanya ujian buatmu

Esok musim bunga
Pasti akan tiba
Dan kau akan mampu berkembang lagi
Cuma yang kuharapkan ketika itu
Kau jaga kelopakmu itu
Jangan sampai tangan-tangan kasar
Memetik mu lagi
Jangan ada kumbang-kumbang ganas
Menghisap madumu
Janngan biarkan gagak-gagak hitam itu
Merosakan serimu
Kerana kau ratu idaman kalbu

Aku bukanlah
Memandang kecantikanmu
Walaupon kadangkala
Aku tertarik memandangnya
Tapi bukan itu yang kuharapkan
Aku yakin ratuku
Masih ada sinar harapan
Yang mampu buat aku tersenyum lega
Kerana akan kutemuai
Ratu yang sebenar-benarnya ratu

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pengalaman sye time blajar memandu!!!!!

kali ni sye nk kongsi ket ttg xperience blaja mmandu....
huk3....seblom tu, shari sblom tu, cikgu mmandu tepon, dy tnye nk datang blajar ble...heee, so, dh bincang ap sume, decide la, esok gak blajar...hak3:P
emm, okey, awl2 pg,????
hak3, fes time mggu nie xtdo pas subuh!!!:P
bgun kul 630 pas solat sume trus mndi then on the way to perlis,,,,heh3(current location: alor staq, kedah)...
ltihan stat kul 9.00am...smpai kt ps, uish awl ag....jom, mkan dlu,,,
dh mkn, pegi la d institut lthan tu...
tepon ckgu tu,,,*toootooot*(hello? sye dh smpai!!)
dy smpai, trus ajk sye pegi ke keta dy...weeee
tnya dy..."nk ajar ap arini???"
dy jwab,,,"kte kuar g jln raya trus...."
HA???????!!!! (*0*)....OMG!!!
dh la tak reti tkar gear ag....nk kuar trus!!!!??:D

huk3,, so kmi pon kuar...mle2 dy ckap2 r ttg ap nk wat sblom stat keta....bla3
sume dh taw kowt..hehehe
okey, p track A...*thud*thud*thud....
berdebar dbuatny, kekok ag nk tukar gear....
hak3, yg mluny, enjin mati time ad d roundabout!!,,,aduyai!!!kne mrah, n maki la sket,,,huk3,...
xpe2,,,moving on,,ahaaaa, my fes trafic light,,,warna merah, stop la bt ap ag hak3...dh hijau!!! silap bt,,heheheee, x tkan mnyak,...:P:P...enjin mati ag...:P
kne marah ag!!!!*sob*sob*sob....
okey,,hbis track A, uish awl ag, sejam pon x smpai,,,,
yeah! p track B,,,heheee..alhamdulillah...sume brjlan dgn lncar!!! no mistake!!! hik3:D
n finnished.....
heee, tu je yg nk d kongsi, ap2 pon jgn aggap ckgu tu mrah sbb dy x ske, tp dy cme nk bg nsihat,,hak3...

toodles~~,,until next time...

a day in an unexpected snow....

ari ni hehe3, tulis dlm bm plak...kui3
okey, moving on....>>>>>>
so, lukisan ni menggambarkan sepasang kawan yg tengah berada di tepi jalan. mereka berhenti seketika untuk menikmati sesuatu peristiwa yg tak pernah djangkakan oleh mereka pada ari tu sebab kali pertama mereka keluar dan kebetulan pada ari tu berlaku "snowday"(hik3, sye lkis ni bkn menggambarkn d M'sia okey, ni oversea pnya...:P)
keadaan itu sungguh indah dan ia macam telah mengukir satu lagi kenangan manis yg mereka alami bersama.....

hehehe, i know, its jiwang, huk3, nk wat cmne, xkn nk jadi bdak2 lgi kowt, nk lkis naruto jer stiap mse kn3?

hik3, anyways, kalo mereka yg tertanya2 knpe kple mereka bsar dri bdan???
hohoho, xpe jgn risau, mereka bkan cacat, lukisan ni sye bt ala2 lukisan prespektif(hik3 belajar dlm RC dulu)....dan sye jga telah membuat efek konvex iaitu ia kelihatan sedikit panoramic view...hohoho(^0^)

itu sje utk kli nie, jmpe ag